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$130 BILLION of Knowledge About The Debt Markets – E885 – CFC

Real estate definitely relies a lot on location…

But it’s actually “financing it right” that makes or breaks a deal.

However, with higher interest rates and lending standards tightening, it’s tough to know if you’re getting a good deal…

…or if you can even get a deal done at all.

That’s why I’m pumped to bring you my latest conversation with Andrew Westling…

…where he shares insights on today’s lending landscape across all major asset classes and how real estate is performing across the nation.

Andrew Westling is a Director at Walker & Dunlop, one of the largest commercial real estate finance companies in the U.S…

…where his team manages a massive $130 billion servicing portfolio.

That means, he’s got access to real-time data and a deep perspective on the current state of the debt markets and where they’re headed.

In our conversation, Andrew breaks down:

  • Why today’s loans might be the “best loans we’ve written in a long, long time”

  • The surprising asset class that’s become lenders’ new favorite

  • How to use preferred equity and mezzanine debt to bridge the gap when senior debt falls short

  • The clever trick some borrowers are using to slash their interest rates by over 100 basis points

  • Why CMBS loans are suddenly winning deals over Fannie and Freddie

If you’re trying to get deals done in this market, you can’t afford to miss this insider knowledge.

Tune in now to arm yourself with the latest intel from the debt markets.

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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