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4 BIG Takeaways From RaiseFest - E819 - MM - Asym Capital

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4 BIG Takeaways From RaiseFest – E819 – MM

In this episode, we explore the highlights of Raise Fest 24, a major event in Phoenix, Arizona, that showcased the growth of the capital-raising community. With over 30 speakers and three days of content, the event emphasized the resilience of real estate entrepreneurs and the industry’s momentum.

Here are my four key takeaways from RaiseFest ’24:

Economic Outlook: Bob Fraser predicts a soft landing for the economy, citing strong consumer balance sheets and income levels despite uncertainties.

Real Estate Distress: Neil Bawa notes that while there are thousands of distressed multifamily apartments, overall market distress is limited, requiring a cautious approach to deals.

Capital Raisers’ Opportunity: The event highlighted the eagerness of capital raisers for new opportunities, viewing the current market as a unique chance for growth.

Mental Resilience: With interest rate hikes and market uncertainties, maintaining mental resilience is crucial for success in real estate investing.

These insights suggest that while challenges exist, there are significant opportunities for those who adapt and stay focused. Tune in for more strategies to make 2024 your best year in real estate.

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