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6 Layers of Asset Protection For Real Estate Entrepreneurs - E829 - CFC - Asym Capital

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6 Layers of Asset Protection For Real Estate Entrepreneurs – E829 – CFC

When I have a legal question about my business, there is one person I have on speed dial…

Mauricio Rauld.

Mauricio is one of the nation’s premier real estate syndication attorneys with over 24 years of legal experience to help real estate syndicators navigate legal compliances.

Today, I dive into the six layers of asset protection with Mauricio to get an understanding of how real estate investors and syndicators can best safeguard their assets.

When you are first starting out and buying properties, insurance is always going to be your first line of defense…

Exposure to liability is unlimited, so cover all your bases with the most insurance possible…

But, know that there are always holes to any plans because of their exclusions.

In any case of liability, you want to safeguard your assets as much as possible…

That’s why structuring an entity, like an LLC, is crucial to primarily separate ownership of a property from yourself.

Just remember that no strategy is bulletproof…

So, tune in today to discover how you can protect your assets from any threat and avoid the biggest legal mistakes people make for their business!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Mauricio Rauld


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