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A Deeper Dive Into What Capital Raisers and Fund Managers Need [Capital Raiser Show] Part 2 - E825 - Asym Capital

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A Deeper Dive Into What Capital Raisers and Fund Managers Need [Capital Raiser Show] Part 2 – E825

There’s one way I’ve discovered that can skyrocket you to your first million dollar raise…

And that’s the fund of funds model.

Today, I share part 2 of my interview on The Capital Raiser Show, discussing this infinitely scalable strategy for raising capital that fund managers, like myself, know works.

A fund of funds allows you to raise the money and administrative SPV…

Invest in any asset class…

And partner with incredibly talented people with robust backgrounds…

All without a track record or deal with the hassles of operation.

A successful fund manager makes this process for their investors as seamless as possible…

And once you generate enough revenue, you can attract a-list talent to hire that will help free up your time to focus on your strengths.

So, tune in today to discover what it takes to raise millions as a fund manager and scale your business beyond your wildest dreams!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Capital Raiser Show


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