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An Honest Conversation About Partnering As An Entrepreneur - E759 - MM - Asym Capital

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An Honest Conversation About Partnering As An Entrepreneur – E759 – MM

Have you ever partnered with someone who seemed like the perfect fit, only to later regret it?

Unfortunately, this is all too common in the real estate industry since assets are often illiquid.

To avoid this, only partner with someone if it’s essential for a business-critical initiative.

Think of it like hiring an employee – you wouldn’t do it unless you really needed them. Partnerships can be far more complicated than hiring an employee.

Due to illiquid assets, partnerships can be tricky, especially in the real estate space.

Tune in on this episode as I share how partnerships can be the fastest way to 10x your business…

…so navigating this topic appropriately is likely critical to your success as an entrepreneur.

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