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Bonus Episode - 2018 Highlights, 2019 Outlook, and Having Fun at VO2 Max - Asym Capital

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Bonus Episode – 2018 Highlights, 2019 Outlook, and Having Fun at VO2 Max

As 2018 comes to a close and we embark on 2019, I believe it is important to not only go over the highlights of this past year but also provide my outlook for 2019. Starting out, I want to give a big thank you to all of you. We have been able to purchase about $45mm of CRE in 2018, and a vast majority of that equity was invested by the listeners of the program. This has allowed us to bring on some key team members including my assistant Nicole Olson, and our Marketing Manager, Adam Carswell.

I’ve had some truly amazing guests on the podcast this year, but I do have a couple of favorite episodes which you should definitely listen to, if you haven’t already.

  1. How To Create Your Morning Routine, Balance Work and Life, and Reverse Engineer Your Goals
  2. Will Rising Interest Rates & New Development Kill The Self-Storage Market?
  3. How Geopolitics, Bonds and the Dollar Impact Real Estate Investments
  4. Macroeconomic Outlook From A Former IMF Consultant

While looking into the future is a great thing to do, it is important to also take a moment to commemorate the achievements you’ve made in the past. You don’t want to become a person that is always harping on the wins of the years prior, but acknowledging them and feeling a sense of accomplishment is just as important as looking forward. In order to grow and meet your goals, measuring things that are significant to you is as crucial as reflecting on past achievements. There is a book called Measure What Matters that is used to track your metrics and measure things that are meaningful to you. If you aren’t tracking them, then they become useless.

I have big plans for 2019 and I hope that you all will continue to join me this year. For starters, there aren’t really a lot of opportunities that I like as much as our current fund. This is due to the low LTV position (58% LTV), it’s recession resistance, component, size of the fund, and the quality of the operator.

  1. I would like to max out our current fund at $15mm. Currently, we have $12.5mm funded.
  2. We currently have about 183 investments. I’d like to add 260 investors to CFC and raise $26mm for new investment opportunities that I truly believe in.
  3. We will produce 52 amazing podcast episodes with guests that I respect, admire, and are experts in their field.
  4. We’d like to have another conference where the attendees are truly impressed by the level of speakers and attendees.
  5. For my personal goals, I plan on getting in the best shape of my life this year as well as marrying my wonderful fiancee.

I look forward to all that 2019 has in store for us and I appreciate each of you for listening to the podcast, investing, and supporting CFC along the way.