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Could The Fed Lower Rates WITHOUT A Recession? - E841 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Could The Fed Lower Rates WITHOUT A Recession? – E841 – CFC

Crazy things are happening in the economy…

Interest rates were raised faster than they have been in 40 years…

Even though the growth rate of inflation is going down…

And the Fed has already forecasted recession, twice in the past two years!

To get a better sense of where we’re moving as an economy and what it means for real estate…

I interviewed Logan Mohtashami, the lead analyst at HousingWire, to get his insights into the current state of the housing market, the economic factors at play, and what it means for your investments.

We even get his predictions on when the Fed might plan to reduce interest rates…and whether we are moving toward a recession.

Logan has been tracking economic and housing data for over 14 years…and providing the latest up-to-date housing trends through a tracker article on HousingWire.

The current economic scenario is different…

The housing market is still expanding, the stock market is recovering, and the credit markets are stable.

Labor dynamics are also different this time…as a generation retires and leaves the workforce every day, keeping the job market and demand for labor intact.

Logan ties all these factors together to show the direction we’re moving in and how that will impact the upcoming Fed’s decisions.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear what that means for your investments, buy-in rates, and business going forward!

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Logan Mohtashami




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