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Deep Dive Into The Top 4 Asset Classes & Multifamily Vacancy Rates - E881 - CFC - Asym Capital

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Deep Dive Into The Top 4 Asset Classes & Multifamily Vacancy Rates – E881 – CFC

As real estate investors, it’s easier to get caught up in your own portfolio and miss out on the bigger picture…

But to succeed in this game, you need to zoom out and understand…

…what’s happening across different asset classes, markets, and the forces shaping the economy as a whole.

That’s why I sat down with Chad Littell today, who leads CoStar’s coverage of capital markets and commercial real estate activity in the US…

…to get his bird’s-eye view on where each asset class stands and where they’re headed.

Tune in to today’s podcast to get the 30,000 ft view over the market.

In this data-packed episode, Chad and I cover a ton of ground, including:

  • Why retail vacancies are at historic lows despite the e-commerce boom

  • The perfect storm brewing in the oversupplied office market

  • How the industrial sector is shifting after a post-COVID surge

  • Which overbuilt multifamily markets could snap back fastest

  • The key differences between this market cycle and the past downturns

But that’s not it…

If you’re investing in multifamily, you won’t want to miss our deep dive into vacancy rates across key markets like Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

Chad reveals which cities are seeing rates climb to 15% and which are holding strong at 5%.

By the end, you’ll have a high-level roadmap of the market and a ton of actionable insights to inform your investing strategy.

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Chad Littell



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