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Diversification Through Customizable Funds - E808 - TT - Asym Capital

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Diversification Through Customizable Funds – E808 – TT

In this Topical Tuesday’s episode, I spoke with Paul Shannon who is a seasoned real estate operator, who has acquired and renovated over 150 residential units and he’s also an experienced limited partner, who has passively invested in a diverse spectrum of real estate assets. More recently, he’s used this experience to launch InvestWise Collective, which offers a customizable “a la carte” approach to residential and commercial debt and equity deals.

Be sure to tune in if you’re interested in learning about:

  • The thought process behind his move from the hands-on operations of heavy value-add multifamily, to capital raising through fund structure
  • His “go to” techniques to raise capital
  • The differences between a customizable fund and a single asset SPV, and whether a customizable fund is more difficult to administer
  • Regulatory considerations pertaining to customizable funds
  • How he’s planning to use customizable funds to invest in deals in 2024

To your success,

Tyler Lyons

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1. Paul Shannon


Invest Wise Website

Leftfield Investors Website

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