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E04 - Investing Late in the Economic Cycle with Jason Post - Asym Capital

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E04 – Investing Late in the Economic Cycle with Jason Post

As it becomes more difficult to find lucrative multi-family investments in today’s economic climate, utilizing appropriate leverage and deal structure becomes critical. Also, it is important to identify real estate sponsor’s who are willing to wait for unique opportunities, rather than succumb to the urge to take money off the sidelines with less than optimal investment properties.


Today, our guest is Jason Post, of Post Investment Group, an opportunistic real estate investment company which predominantly focuses on apartment communities nationwide. Not only has Jason successfully weathered several economic downturns, but he has also been able to do so while providing a lucrative return to his investors. In this episode, we discuss the state of the multi-family market, what data points to use when making that determination, and how to effectively invest late in the economic cycle.