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E09 - Building a Truly Diverse Portfolio w/ David Coe - Asym Capital

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E09 – Building a Truly Diverse Portfolio w/ David Coe

Virtually every financial planner on the planet agrees that diversification is absolutely critical for the protection of capital. However, both the guest and I believe that true diversification requires doing much more than simply investing in several different stocks. In fact, there are many elements of diversification, even within real estate including passive vs. active investments, amortized vs. non-amortized payment schedules, and the many different asset classes within the real estate sector itself. Not to mention, there are also other aspects of diversification to consider such as planning for principal balances to come over a diverse set of time horizons. If you are in the process of creating, growing, or protecting your investment portfolio, this conversation is certainly going to add a few important tidbits to your perspective on the topic.


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