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E107 - The Hottest Topic In Real Estate - Investing In Opportunity Zones - Asym Capital

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E107 – The Hottest Topic In Real Estate – Investing In Opportunity Zones

Even though Opportunity Zones are the single hottest topics in the real estate investment sector, there is still much misunderstanding about the vehicle. Bringing in an expert on the subject to clarify what is currently in place, what is to be determined, and where the real opportunity in the opportunity zone exists will help shed some light on the status of the investment vehicle.

Our guest for today is James Bohan, CPA, MRED, who is the founder and Principal of Stonehan Capital, an emerging manager focused on opportunity zone investments and short term debt. He acts as an Outsource CFO and provides CPA services to real estate investors and investment managers. James was the CFO at Mosaic Real Estate Investments and has worked in the private equity real estate division of KPMG and its acquired firm Rothstein Kass.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • The unique tax benefits that Opportunity Zones provide
  • Why the data at which Opportunity Zones were established can create a unique arbitrate situation, especially for California investors
  • Where you can go to get accurate information about the most up to date laws on Opportunity Zones