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E109 - How to Use Readily Available Data to Master Market Analysis - Asym Capital

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E109 – How to Use Readily Available Data to Master Market Analysis

When it comes to market analysis and market selection, the same answers are repeated over and over; “We look for jobs. We look for population growth”. Population growth and jobs are what everyone looks for, but what does that actually mean? Learning how to take these suggestions and replicate them for your own business can produce success, but to start, you must know how to master market analysis.

Our guest for today is Neal Bawa, known by his friends as The Mad Scientist of Multifamily. He is a technologist and entrepreneur in love with the power of numbers and the way they create profit for his real estate investors. Neal is the CEO and Founder at Grocapitus, which is a commercial real estate investment company where he acquires commercial properties across the U.S. for 300+ investors. He also serves as CEO at MultifamilyU, which is an apartment investing education company.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What it means mathematically when people say they want population growth
  • What metrics people are looking for in terms of respective housing costs when tracking median income
  • When investors say they are looking for strong employment, what data they are using to validate that claim and where they are getting it from