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E115 - How to Get Your Real Estate Company Free PR - Asym Capital

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E115 – How to Get Your Real Estate Company Free PR

You may have wondered how companies get featured in the press, and contrary to what most people assume, it is seldom a result of journalists searching around the internet in the hopes of finding something interesting to report on. The overwhelming majority of corporate PR is due to persistent outreach and relationship building by companies to writers and editors. While you may feel defeated, it is definitely possible for you to do the same for your company.

Our guest for today is Cameron Herold, who is a passionate business coach, author, and speaker who has grown multiple $100mm companies. He is the author of four successful business titles, Double-Double, Meetings Suck, Miracle Mornings for Entrepreneurs, and his most recent, Free PR: How to Get Chased By the Press Without Hiring a PR Firm.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What it takes to get featured in major publications like Forbes, Fortune, and Oprah
  • Why you should consider handling your PR in-house as opposed to hiring a PR firm
  • Why you should think of a PR position in your company as a sales position, rather than a marketing and advertising position


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