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E131 - What Does CoStar's Data Tell Us About the Opportunity In Real Estate? - Asym Capital

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E131 – What Does CoStar’s Data Tell Us About the Opportunity In Real Estate?

Not long ago, the MLS website didn’t exist at all, which made being in the real estate sector at that time entirely different. Since then, many changes have been made, with the most important being access to data all over the world. Thanks to this data access, people can now be experts in markets they’ve never been to, invest in properties they’ve never seen, and conduct accurate due diligence from afar.

Our guest for today is Andrew Rybczynski, who is a Senior Consultant at CoStar Portfolio Strategy, where he advises on investment data in commercial real estate. Andrew frequently speaks and writes on Multifamily and Industrial property types and has been published in the Journal of Portfolio Management. He also has a background in data and spatial analytics and uses these tools to provide data-driven research for clients and the market.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What the current state of multifamily is
  • Whether or not new development will cause significant changes for the asset class
  • What product types and markets are best positioned to weather an economic storm within multifamily
  • How the buying interest of millennials will impact the housing market
  • Whether self-storage is really recession-resistant or not