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E133 - How You Can Save Money Through Cost Segregation - Asym Capital

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E133 – How You Can Save Money Through Cost Segregation

There are many reasons that investment real estate is favorable from a taxation standpoint, but the factor that helps investors continue to defer receiving “income” is depreciation. Not all depreciation is counted equally, and certain physical components of real estate assets can have highly favorable depreciation schedules if you go through the cost segregation process.

Our guest for today is Yonah Weiss, who is a powerhouse when it comes to property owners tax savings. As Business Director at Madison SPECS, which is a national Cost Segregation leader, he has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation. His passion for real estate and helping others has led him to speak across multiple mediums, including podcasts, conferences, etc.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • When you should consider pursuing a cost segregation analysis
  • What asset classes are best suited for cost segregation
  • What happens with cost segregation if you are investing through an SDIRA
  • Some of the recent tax laws and how they might impact the discussion around cost segregation


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