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E139 - Closing Deals While Training for Ultramarathons - Asym Capital

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E139 – Closing Deals While Training for Ultramarathons

There are some individuals that seem to be able to do it all and never tire. Time management is something many people struggle with, and combined with a lack of motivation, becoming a top performer can seem impossible. Learning tips, tricks, and secrets from these champions can give clarity to those struggling with motivation loss and help push them to their goals.

Our guest for today is Jason Yarusi, who is a real estate entrepreneur, mentor, and podcaster. He has started several successful businesses, including restaurants, a brewery, and a rehab company. Jason is also the host of the Real Estate Investing Foundation Podcast, which is a platform serving to help real estate investors take massive action through learning from the steps of many industry pros. He also manages Yarusi Holdings, which is a home solutions company and owns Oak Capital Partners, which focuses on large multifamily assets.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How our guest creates so much accountability
  • Where our guest goes mentally when he feels beaten up
  • How our guest is able to succeed at all of these things at the same time
  • How these skills cross over to real estate
  • Why real estate is such an essential part of our guest’s life


Learn more about our guest:

Instagram: JasonYarushi