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E141 - Building a Brand, Raising Capital, and Purchasing Units - Asym Capital

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E141 – Building a Brand, Raising Capital, and Purchasing Units

Growing up, people may hear statements about how it’s impossible to retire and live out their glory years financially free. While some may believe this, many others take action to achieve their retirement goals, and this leads some individuals to real estate. Each individual has their motives as to why they wanted to get involved in real estate. However, while they may differ significantly, many of them are financially based and have a great deal to do with financial freedom.

Our guest for today is Devin Elder, who is the principal of DJE Texas Management Group, a multifamily investment firm based in San Antonio, Texas, which owns more than 1,400 multifamily units. He has been featured on the top real estate investing podcasts and is also the host of The DJE Podcast, which is a commercial real estate podcast focused on multifamily.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Our guest’s last straw moment when he realized he had to make a change
  • Key takeaways from our guest’s first capital raise
  • Why our guest exclusively focuses on San Antonio
  • How our guest can focus on business growth and simultaneously achieve more free and family time


Learn more about our guest: