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E18 - How to Passively, Securely, and Lucratively Invest in Notes - Asym Capital

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E18 – How to Passively, Securely, and Lucratively Invest in Notes

Investing in notes is a very important topic because debt should play a role in any serious real estate investor’s portfolio for many reasons. When structured properly, notes should be very passive. The risk profile is essentially unparalleled because of the amount of protection they can provide. Additionally, the cash flow is extremely non-volatile and predictable. Also, they can be bought, sold, and leveraged as an investment instrument, allowing a lot of flexibility for knowledgeable investors. We discuss all of these topics in the interview.


At the end of our discussion, our guest discusses how to add different tools to your investor tool belt. Some of these strategies can significantly supercharge your net ROI. In fact, he goes into the details of turning an average 12% return into a screaming 35% return by utilizing a combination of notes, leverage, and industry knowledge.


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