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E181 - How I Turned My Biggest REI Losses Into A $90mm Portfolio - Asym Capital

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E181 – How I Turned My Biggest REI Losses Into A $90mm Portfolio

No matter how risk-averse you may be and how safe you think your investment is, unexpected circumstances may arise that can cause you to lose it all. Learning from these devastating losses can put you in a better position later on in your investment career. A set back does not mean failure, and should not deter you from persisting.

In today’s episode, Hunter discusses some of the lessons he’s learned through his investing career and how he has utilized this knowledge to build a $90mm portfolio. Learning from the mistakes of others puts you in an excellent position to know what to look out for so you can protect your capital and grow your wealth.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • An emotional loss that almost wiped Hunter out
  • An investment that ended in him giving away the keys
  • Lessons learned from an excellent retail investment
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