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E185 - Building a Massive Portfolio by Leveraging Other People's Strengths - Asym Capital

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E185 – Building a Massive Portfolio by Leveraging Other People’s Strengths

Work-life balance is something that many of us have spent time contemplating. When you first get started in your career, your goal may be to work as much as possible to make more money. However, as you get older, or have a family, your desires change. Time is a resource we cannot buy more of, so learning key strategies to maximize the time you do have will allow you to be where you want to be.

Our guest for today is Mark Kenney who is the Founder and CEO of Think Multifamily. Mark’s real estate career started over 20 years ago and he has extensive experience in property evaluation, acquisition, and operation. He has a fantastic reputation in the multifamily investment community due to him providing exceptional value to investors. Prior to becoming a real estate entrepreneur, Mark had his own IT company in 2008.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Our guest’s backstory and why he was motivated to leave a very high paying job to become an entrepreneur
  • How our guest developed a hyper scalable business model by leveraging key individuals strengths
  • How our guest maintains a healthy relationship while working with his wife
Learn more about our guest: