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E187 - Which Asset Classes Will Weather the COVID-19 Storm? - Asym Capital

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E187 – Which Asset Classes Will Weather the COVID-19 Storm?

COVID-19 data changes every 24 hours, and because of that, it is important to continue putting out high-quality information that investors can utilize to protect their capital. With the ever increasing unemployment claims, investors may be wondering which asset classes are likely to be the most impacted during this pandemic. Our guest’s goal for today is to share his insights, predictions, and current plan for navigating these uncertain times.

Our guest for today is Jeremy Roll, who is the President of the Roll Investment Group. Jeremy is also the founder of For Investors By Investors (FIBI) which is a non-profit organization that provides in-person networking events across multiple states all over the United States. He is an experienced passive investor and has invested in virtually every type of commercial real estate transaction that exists.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How serious COVID-19 actually is
  • How our current economic predicament compares to 2001 or 2008
  • The unemployment claims and what they mean
  • Which asset classes our guest is exceptionally worried about
  • Whether our guest is jumping in right now or waiting to see where prices level out at
Learn more about our guest: