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E19 - What is the Big Deal About Crypto? Featuring: Carter Thomas - Asym Capital

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E19 – What is the Big Deal About Crypto? Featuring: Carter Thomas

Yes, it’s true. This is a real estate podcast. In fact, it even says so in the title. However, cryptocurrencies are probably the most interesting topic in the entire investment space right now and many lessons can be learned from what is taking place in crypto which are relevant to any market cycle.   Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty and misinformation in the crypto world, which leads people to make poor investment decisions. Thankfully, we are joined by Carter Thomas who operates and manages the Coin Mastery YouTube channel. Carter has a thorough understanding of the investment space as a whole, and his perspectives on several topics are applicable to any asset class.


Here area few of the questions we get solid answers to…

-What is the big deal about crypto currencies and blockchain technology?

-What are alt-coins and should they be considered for long-term investments?

-Are private equity companies and hedge funds entering the space yet?

-What is the current market cap of crypto currencies and what could it be in the future?

-What are some of the similarities and differences between crypto currencies and cannabis?


Regardless of your interest in investing in cryptocurrencies, it is an interesting conversation about an exciting phenomenon.


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