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E201 - Lessons Learned Through Acquiring $750mm of Multifamily - Asym Capital

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E201 – Lessons Learned Through Acquiring $750mm of Multifamily

As with anything worth doing, there are levels when it comes to commercial real estate investing. The goal of almost every investor is to become a better investor than they were the year before. Our perspectives change over time, and the investing strategy you may have had 10 years ago may be obsolete today. Embracing these changes and striving to become better than you were yesterday is the key to success.

Our guest for today is Michael Becker, who is Principal of SPI Advisory. They have overseen and purchased around 12,000 units and currently own about 6,000 units in Texas multifamily, or $750mm under management. Michael is also the co-host of the Old Capital Podcast.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Why our guests strategies have changed significantly going from Class C to Class A
  • Communicating to investors in today’s economic and social climate
  • Floating rate vs. fixed rate
Learn more about our guest: