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E203 - Pulse of the Market - Multi-family, Self-Storage, Senior Living - Asym Capital

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E203 – Pulse of the Market – Multi-family, Self-Storage, Senior Living

Accurate and actionable information can be very difficult to find in today’s environment. The ever increasing number of opinions that are available can make it challenging to navigate and find a trusted resource. Once found, it’s important to allow these resources to weed out a lot of the noise, as well as your own personal biases, so you’re left with accurate and reliable information.

Our guest for today is John Chang, who serves as the Senior Vice President and National Director of Research Services for Marcus & Millichap where he is responsible for the production of the firm’s vast array of commercial real estate research publications, tools, and services. He regularly speaks at conferences, corporate events, webcasts, and client engagements where he shares his insights into major economic trends and how they will influence the performance of commercial real estate investments.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How the multi-family sector is being impacted by the unemployment numbers, as well as the moratoriums on evictions
  • Whether or not the self-storage asset class will continue to prevail during these times
  • What our guest anticipates investor appetites will be for senior living in the wake of Covid-19
Learn more about our guest: