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E207 - What Is Rod Khleif Buying In Today's Environment? - Asym Capital

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E207 – What Is Rod Khleif Buying In Today’s Environment?

There are many uncertainties being thrown around the real estate sector right now. Should you be buying? Should you be selling? The answers to these questions are asset class specific, and there is not a one size fits all answer than can be given. This is why it’s important to discuss these concerns with numerous people to gain greater clarity and insight into the current situation.

Our guest for today is Rod Khleif, who is a real estate investor, business owner, and philanthropist. He is the host of one of the top business and real estate podcasts, Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing, which has received millions of downloads. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Rod has built several successful multi-million dollar businesses. As a community philanthropist, Rod founded and directs The Tiny Hands Foundation, which has benefited more than 75,000 community children and families in need.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Why there is such a delta between interest rates and commercial loans and when that delta will go away
  • What conservative underwriting standards our guest is using to ensure his investments are protected to the downside
  • What markets “with good jobs” really means
Learn more about our guest:
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