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E21 - Taking Gelt Inc. From Zero To One Billion In Less Than 10 Years - Asym Capital

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E21 – Taking Gelt Inc. From Zero To One Billion In Less Than 10 Years

Our guest for today is Keith Wasserman who founded Gelt Inc. during the height of the financial crises of 2008. Since that time, Gelt has gone from $0 under management to more than $1,000,000,000. Gelt specializes in multi-family apartments and has experienced significant success by identifying poorly managed, undercapitalized, and under-performing assets and implementing value-add strategies which decrease expenses and increases NOI.


In this episode, we are going to discuss the following topics…

– What mindset is required to rapidly expand a business during an economic collapse?

– What markets are still providing risk-adjusted returns in the multi-family space?

– How to build a culture, a team, and a business vision that invigorates those around you.

– We also go into the details of one particular multi-family apartment in Phoenix which Gelt recently took full cycle, which resulted in a solid return for investors.


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