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E217 - How He Turned a 7-Figure Payday Into Reliable Cash Flow - Asym Capital

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E217 – How He Turned a 7-Figure Payday Into Reliable Cash Flow

From a portfolio allocation standpoint, if you don’t have a 7-figure portfolio, it is probably not wise to invest in high-risk investments. However, if you gain extensive knowledge surrounding startups you may have a market advantage and the startups you look at can become great investments. This can be seen often with employees investing in their employer’s company, which is often considered a high-risk investment.

Our guest for today is Christopher Nelson, who is an experienced technology executive, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and the co-founder of Wealthward Capital which is a private equity companies with close to 3,000 units. Christopher helps technology employees and entrepreneurs achieve financial independence through financial education and creating passive income portfolios. He is also in the process of finishing his book, From IPO to Cash Flow.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • How our guest turned a 7-figure IPO payday into a reliable cash flow machine
  • Why you should always consider working for equity
  • How it is possible that several founders have been involved in several IPO’s if investing in startups is basically a crapshoot
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