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E22 - What Does It Take To Raise $100,000,000? - Asym Capital

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E22 – What Does It Take To Raise $100,000,000?

What does it take to raise $100,000,000? There are not a lot of people out there that can speak knowledgeably about this topic, but luckily, we a guest today, who is one of the very few individuals that know some of the answers to the question. In fact, they are in the process of raising a $100mm fund right now. John is the Executive Vice President of MACC Venture Partners, where he directs strategic development and growth. He has been involved in more than $1.8B of real estate transaction in a variety of different asset classes all over the world.


Here are some questions that will be answered in the episode…

– What are some of the benefits of raising a fund, versus utilizing several single-asset investment vehicles?

– When someone says a deal is “institutional quality,” what does that really mean?

– What are some of the key differences when dealing with accredited investors versus institutions?

– Why is now the time to raise $100MM multi-family fund?


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