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E223 - Looking Within for REAL Estate Wealth - Asym Capital

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E223 – Looking Within for REAL Estate Wealth

There are many people out there whose ideas do not come from books they read or thought leaders they follow. There are many off the beaten path resources that can sway investors one way or the other, and perhaps even lead to great success. These atypical resources are great at expanding the knowledge of investors and providing them with alternative solutions. 

Our guest for today is Ramon Gonzalez, who is the CEO of Summit Home Buyers where he focuses on investing in hard money loans and placing capital quality operators. He specializes in due diligence, risk analysis, with a speciality in real estate financing.


Today we are going to discuss…

  • Why our guest is taking 6 months to travel and how he is ensuring his real estate portfolio will pay for it
  • What our guest calls “Poverty Consciousness” is and how to alleviate it
  • Why our guest is dedicated to looking inward, rather than focusing on specific tactics

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