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E229 - How can YOU get access to off-market deals? - Asym Capital

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E229 – How can YOU get access to off-market deals?

We’ve all heard about the golden goose of real estate, the off-market deal. In today’s environment, it is extremely important to have access to those. But prior to gaining access to these deals, you must build solid relationships with the individuals who can obtain and share these deals with you. Our guest for today dives into the whole process, so perhaps you can take advantage of off-market deals in the near future.

Our guest for today is Logan Freeman, who is a real estate investor, developer, and agent who has found his niche in the industry acting as an investment property specialist and actually representing buyers instead of sellers in the transaction process. Completing over 120 transactions in less than a year, Logan has found a process and relies on his most valuable priorities to guide his profit-producing activities.


Today we are going to discuss…

  • How our guest went completely against the grain and differentiated himself from his competitors, which resulted in him breaking several records at his firm
  • What to say (and NOT say), so that brokers will give you off-market deals
  • A deep dive into the Kansas City, MO market which has attracted a lot of investors over the last few years

Learn more about our guest: