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E233 - Developing Brand Recognition That Thrives Through Turbulence - Asym Capital

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E233 – Developing Brand Recognition That Thrives Through Turbulence

If you have a fantastic product but do not have any marketing, branding, or advertising happening, then no one will care about how great your product actually is. For some, marketing may come naturally, but for many others it can be incredibly difficult and next to impossible. However, in order to be truly successful with whatever company you have, you need to establish a solid brand and marketing plan before jumping in with both feet. 

Our guest for today is Chris Stephenson, who is an international brand builder with significant experience in the entertainment industry, having worked for MTV, Interscope, House of Blues, SFX, Ministry of Sound, and Xbox. More recently, he was involved in the creation of leading mezcal company, Madre Mezcal.


Today we are going to discuss…

  • Why our guest isn’t pursuing the typical “influencer model” but why he antici[ates a lot of influential people will be sharing his product without being paid to do so
  • How to create a brand that sticks so you have raving fans that will buy your product even during uncertain times
  • What strategy our guest has used to get his relatively new brand on the shelfs of Whole Foods and Erewhon by gaining authentic momentum

Learn more about our guest: