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E235 - New Investment Opportunity: Why the ATM Business Isn't Going Anywhere - Asym Capital

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E235 – New Investment Opportunity: Why the ATM Business Isn’t Going Anywhere

When thinking about wealthy individuals or families, most people assume the career path of these people include doctors, lawyers, or other similar professions. However, there are many other ‘simple’ businesses, such as car washes and laundromats, that people don’t think of as particularly lucrative that have the potential to create large multi-generational wealth. In fact, the ATM business is a perfect example of one of those businesses. 

Our guest for today is Daryl Heller, who is an entrepreneur who has founded over twelve companies within the telecom, technology, agriculture, real estate, and the energy sectors. He is an innovative and highly respected leader, providing strategic direction, and serving as the lead on merger and acquisition activities within all of his companies.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • The ATM business elephant in the room: The technology risk and “cash is dead!”
  • While the ATM business may be mature in its life-cycle, there are unique opportunities within the sector to revolutionize it through additional income streams
  • How to significantly reduce risk when investing in ATMs through investing in proven locations, as opposed to attempting to place ATMs in new locations and hoping for the best