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E24 - 10 Takeaways from Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Authors - Asym Capital

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E24 – 10 Takeaways from Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Authors

Today, we are going to review the top 10 key takeaways that we have covered in the CFC podcast. Rather than have a guest who is interviewed, I’m going to discuss some of the topics which we have covered, and how real estate entrepreneurs can interpret this content to best suit their needs. Due to the structure, there is an unbelievable amount of knowledge packed into this short, 26-minute episode.


Here are the topics which are covered…

1. Reading between the lines to decipher who you are making a bet on. – Jeremy Roll (E01)

2. There is no length politicians won’t go to keep asset values high. – Ethan Penner (E10)

3. Consistently taking massive action will result in massive results. – Grant Cardone, 10x

4. There is always someone available that can help you achieve your goals. – Nikhil Nardhani (E08)

5. Make sure to review and understand the distribution schedule of any investment. – Peter Fischer (E07)

6. Relationships are the most important part of any hard money loan. – Ajay Mehra (E12)

7. Operate from a place of abundance. – M.C. Laubscher (E15)

8. Be authentic when you talking to investors, employees, and family members, and friends. – Gunnar Lovelace, Thrive Market

9. Make sure to take a look at the entire financing terms to assess whether or not the loan is conservative or aggressive. – Jason Post (E04)

10. Dedicate your mornings to your most important tasks. – Hal Elrod, Miracle Mornings for Entrepreneurs


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