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E241 - 5 Key Takeaways from Asset Management Summit 2020 - Asym Capital

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E241 – 5 Key Takeaways from Asset Management Summit 2020

Today’s episode is a unique one. Our guest recently put on a spectacular event that I spoke at, and I asked him to discuss the bullet points from the event. His experience in dealing with the high caliber of speakers that attended gives great insight into what matters when it comes to hosting an event, and which key performance indicators to look at. 

Our guest for today is Gary Lipsky, who is the co-founder of APT Capital Group. He’s invested in 1,700 units and is focused on Arizona Markets. Recently, they put together the Asset Management Summit, which is a multi-day summit that featured many high level guests and speakers.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What systems you can create in your business to create accountability
  • How to model others instead of being extremely innovative
  • Mindset and how it plays a crucial role in your ability to get to the next step

Learn more about our guest: