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E249 - Living Your Best Fit & Rich Life - Asym Capital

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E249 – Living Your Best Fit & Rich Life

Most people are consumed with the idea of productivity and reverse engineering processes to do things quicker and more efficiently. When given the templates, framework, and general outline of the process, most of the time these hacks can be modified to produce great results. By utilizing these tools, it’s possible to find yourself surrounded by high performers who consistently crush their goals and continue growing at astronomical rates. 

Our guest for today is Jason Yarusi who is an active real estate syndicator, podcaster, and workout enthusiast. Jason hosts the Jason and Pili Project podcast which helps people crush limiting beliefs and create their own comeback story. He’s also the owner of Yarusi Holdings which controls 800 units of multifamily real estate. 

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Overcoming adversities
  • What to do when you fall off track
  • How to ensure that a bad day doesn’t become a bad year
  • What motivates our guest when things get really tough
  • Some of the key takeaways of our guest’s new book

Learn more about our guest:

Yarusi Holdings

Additional resources from the interview:


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