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E253 - Taking a Deep Dive Into High-Predictability Passive Investing - Asym Capital

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E253 – Taking a Deep Dive Into High-Predictability Passive Investing

There are many different sectors in real estate, and all of them can lead to success if the right opportunity is present. However, with so many different pathways available, it’s important to remember that it’s impossible to become an expert in all of them. While you may not excel in each space, taking the time to learn about different avenues will still leave you well positioned and able to tackle any challenges that head your way.

Our guest for today is Daniel Cocca, who is a co-founder at Alpha Investing. Daniel has participated in the acquisition of over 40 properties, with a total capitalization of over $1.4BN. Alpha Investing is primarily focused on multifamily, student housing, and commercial debt transactions. 


Today we are going to discuss…

  • What is wrong with the typical crowdfunding model and what our guest did about it
  • If COVID-19 will present an opportunity in senior living or not
  • Where the opportunity is in the distressed debt space

Learn more about our guest:
Alpha Investing

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