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E257 - Are We Headed For 8 More Years of Real Estate Price Increases? - Asym Capital

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E257 – Are We Headed For 8 More Years of Real Estate Price Increases?

There tends to be a heavy focus on economics during these interviews, and for good reason. When the economy and economic cycles are thoroughly studied and paid attention to, better investment decisions come as a result. The more time an investor spends paying attention to the economy, the more they will become better positioned to invest in lucrative opportunities. 

Our guest for today is Akhil Patel who has been working for the last decade to combine an in depth understanding of business, real estate, and the stock market with his love for research and economics. Akhil has two masters degrees in finance and public policy. 

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Why our guest believes there is an 18-year cycle, as opposed to the typical 5-7 year average most economics refer to
  • Where we currently are in the cycle, given this timeline
  • Specific investments that make the most sense over the second half of the year-year cycle. 

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