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E263 - $5mm In 30 Days Sneak Peek – Developing a Top-Tier Thought Leadership Platform - Asym Capital

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E263 – $5mm In 30 Days Sneak Peek – Developing a Top-Tier Thought Leadership Platform

Social media is extremely popular and nowadays it is almost necessary to have a presence on social media in order to gain credibility and bring in investors, customers, and opportunities. However, content creation for social media may seem impossibly hard and, if done incorrectly, can portray your brand in a bad light. Our episode today is a sneak peek from the $5mm in 30 Days Summit and is focused around social media and building a solid platform to gain credibility. 

Our guest for today
 is Evan Holladay, who is the founder and CEO of Holladay Ventures, a real estate development company specializing in creating and investing in workforce, affordable, and mixed-income communities. Throughout the last 10 years, Evan has developed or invested in over $225 million and over 1400 units of multifamily real estate. He is also the host of the iTunes top 200 business and real estate podcast “Monumental”. 


Today we are going to discuss…

  • Building a platform that can grow your credibility and increase your close ratio
  • Instagram and why it is a huge part of our guest’s business

Learn more about our guest:
Holladay Ventures
Monumental Podcast

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