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E269 - What Should Savvy Passive Investors Be Focused On In 2021? - Asym Capital

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E269 – What Should Savvy Passive Investors Be Focused On In 2021?

Today our content is passive investing focused, so if you’ve been waiting for passive investing content, it’s here! With COVID-19’s large disruption of many markets, it may be hard to decide where to place your capital and which investments have a great outlook. Our guest for today brings his passive investing experience to the table to share some of his insights of where to look and how to invest successfully in 2021. 

Our guest for today is Jeremy Roll, who is an expert passive investor and Co-Founder of For Investors By Investors. He left the corporate world in 2007 to become a full-time passive cash flow investor with more than 70 opportunities across over $500 Million worth of real estate and business assets. Jeremy is also the President of Roll Investment Group which manages a group of over 1,000 investors.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What 2021 and beyond looks like if you’re taking the passive approach seriously
  • What assets, investment strategies, and markets should you pay attention to during 2021
  • The Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference
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