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E27 - Is It Possible To Time The Real Estate Market? w/ Robert Campbell - Asym Capital

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E27 – Is It Possible To Time The Real Estate Market? w/ Robert Campbell

You may have heard people say that timing markets is a fool’s errand. You could even make the case that failed attempts at timing the market have resulted in a significant amount of the devastation which has taken place throughout US real estate history. However, regardless of whether or not you want to believe it, market timing can be the single most important determining factor in the investment life-cycle of an opportunity, particularly in volatile markets. To help us weed through this complex and challenging topic, we have invited Robert Campbell to be a guest on the program. Robert is the author of “Timing the Real Estate Market,” as well as “The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter,” both of which have been instrumental in the decision making processes of thousands of investors in the U.S. His timing strategy, which accurately predicted the crash in 2007, has been taught at the graduate level to students interested in real estate, which he has been involved in for more than 46 years. In that time, he has bought and sold over 40 rental properties and has developed over 50 homes and apartment buildings.


Today we are going to cover…

– What five key indicators our guest uses to predict market timing

– How long do you have to sell when the market timing model gives you a “sell” reading

– The critical difference between market momentum and market buy/sell signals

– Just because a market has momentum, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good time to buy

– Are there any markets that are in bubble territory and is it time to sell in those markets?

– Are there any weaknesses in the model, or potential false readings?


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