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E275 - How We Had A Huge Month, Without Doing a Deal - Asym Capital

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E275 – How We Had A Huge Month, Without Doing a Deal

No matter what industry you find yourself working in, it’s important to remain consistent and dedicated to your growth efforts. However, over time you may find yourself becoming burnt out or overworked, and your relationships may suffer due to this. Today, some tips, tricks, and hacks are shared that keep your productivity levels high and your relationships stronger than ever. 

Our guest for today is Adam Carswell, who played professional basketball in Central America and is a former NCAA athlete. Currently, he runs the educational product arm of Asym Capital, and is the host of the Dream Chasers podcast where he brings #nextlevel talent to the light. Adam is currently working on the Next Level Webinar series, which will feature 52 webinars in 2021.


Today we are going to discuss…

  • What we did to have the biggest month of our company’s history without closing a deal
  • How to accomplish huge things at lightning fast pace
  • The ultimate tip for keeping your relationship solid when you are about to be overworked
Learn more about our guest:
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Dream Chasers Podcast

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