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E277 - Rewind Episode - Part 1 - Where Are Interest Rates Going - Asym Capital

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E277 – Rewind Episode – Part 1 – Where Are Interest Rates Going

Today we’re doing something a bit unique and throwing out a rewind episode to revisit some of our favorite topics! This episode in particular is extremely relevant, as people are still asking about when interest rates are going to rise and what to expect over the coming months/years. 

Our guest for today is Ethan Penner, who is the Founder and Managing Partner of MREC Management LLC. He is a recognized pioneer in the field of real estate finance with a 35-year career marked by filling voids and responding to unseen or poorly understood opportunities.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • Key suggestions for young real estate entrepreneurs
  • Our guest’s unique perspectives on current and future interest rates

Learn more about our guest:

Ethan can be contacted here:


Ethan’s blog can be found here:

Additional Resources from the Interview:

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