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E29 - Critical Due Diligence Takeaways From A CRE Consultant - Asym Capital

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E29 – Critical Due Diligence Takeaways From A CRE Consultant

Obviously, it is impossible to cover due diligence too many times on the program, as it is the most important part of the entire investment process. Our guest for today is Christina Sutter, who is the owner of Ground Level Consulting. Since 2002, Christina has helped numerous clients increase profits, analyze deals, perform due diligence, reduce hours of management, implement quality standards, as well as perform several other vital enhancements that smooth out operations and upgrade performance within real estate. She has experience investing in more than $15MM of real estate, and has controlled over 300 doors during the last 25 years.


Today, we are going to talk about…

– Why it is important to identifying your niche in real estate

– Key items to pay attention to when conducting due diligence on sponsors

– What to look for when going through the financials of an investment

– Some of the sources our guest uses to verify claims made by sponsors before investing


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