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E292 - From Dealing with Meth Lab Tenants to Fund of Funds Freedom - Asym Capital

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E292 – From Dealing with Meth Lab Tenants to Fund of Funds Freedom

Let’s introduce our next guest.  Art Mimnaugh who is the founder of Off the Map Ventures which controls more than 50 doors of single family and multifamily assets, with a predominant focus on Ohio. Art recently refinanced his entire portfolio which allowed him to receive 100% of his invested capital back into his pockets (tax free) and is now redeploying in a more passive approach to investing.

Art is a recent graduate of our CFC Mentorship Program and is leveraging his knowledge about the Fund of Funds model to tap in to his network of high net worth investors, without being an operator.

In this interview…

  • How our guest was able to manage 50+ doors while maintaining a full-time job
  • How are guest is planning on investing the proceeds of a large liquidity events in a way that is more efficient and lucrative than the SFR model
  • What our guest did when he found out a METH LAB existed in one of his assets!

Art’s LinkedIn profile: Click Here

Art’s Website: Click Here

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