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E298 - Will Interest Rates RISE? (Debate Breakdown) - Asym Capital

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E298 – Will Interest Rates RISE? (Debate Breakdown)

Ryan Smith is a Principal of Elevation Capital Group which owns more than $500MM of self-storage and mobile home park assets across more than 30+ states.

In a recent episode, you might have heard Ryan and Hunter’s debate with Neal Bawa and John Chang on the topic of “Will Interest Rates Rise In the Next 24 Months?”

During this podcast, we’re going to dive a bit deeper on the topic and even disclose a few things we weren’t willing to during a debate setting.

In this this episode, we’re going to discuss…

  • Why inflation might be VERY good for the mobile home park and self-storage business
  • Why both Ryan and I would STILL take the same position today (that interest rates will fall over the next 24 months)
  • Why rents tends to increase during inflation, but don’t tend to decrease after inflationary periods

Ryan’s website and their current Fund 8 offering: Click Here

His direct number: 407 602 7662

His email: Click Here

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