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E31 - Highlights of 2017 and Predictions for 2018 - Asym Capital

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E31 – Highlights of 2017 and Predictions for 2018

Happy 2018! Thank you to all the listeners and investors that made this year a success. Thanks to your help, CFC now has more than 200+ investors who are taking advantage of some of our unique investment opportunities.


In 2017, we invested more than $7mm of equity and purchased more than $21mm of quality commercial real estate.


In this self-guested episode, I review some of the highlights of 2017, as well as discuss some of the upcoming trends I think investors should be mindful of heading in 2018 in the MHP and self-storage asset class.

2018 MHP Predictions

1. Municipalities, non-profits, and charities continue to purchase MHPs.

2. Large private equity groups enter the MHP sector, many with industry-specific expertise.

3. Several government programs are being rolled out which will have a positive impact on the MHP sector.


2018 Self-Storage Predictions

1. On-demand self-storage apps will put downward pressure on self-storage facilities in ultra-prime markets.

2. Automation will impact the business eventually, but may come with a potential downside.

3. Downsizing Baby Boomers should continue to increase demand for the self-storage product, particularly markets which cater to affluent retirees.


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