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E310 - How They Went From No Contacts & No Mentors to Multi-Million Dollar Acquisitions - Asym Capital

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E310 – How They Went From No Contacts & No Mentors to Multi-Million Dollar Acquisitions

Today’s guests are Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart, the Founders of Adventurous Real Estate Investors. They specialize in Return on Impact. Through real estate investing they create immeasurable impacts; in their family, with their friends, in their community, with the families (residents) they serve, in the spaces where they want to be generous…. everywhere and anywhere!  They are triathletes, outdoor and adventure enthusiasts, and avid travelers.

Michael is the owner and asset manager of 88 units in Tulsa, OK and is an active board member of Fortune 51, an initiative in Tulsa that reduces crime and brings stability to some of the lower income submarkets.

Suzy is the head of investor relations and marketing for Adventurous Real Estate in addition to being the Co-Founder.  She is the owner and asset manager of 88 units in Tulsa, OK and hosts monthly meetups for real estate investors living overseas and investing in the U.S.  Currently workings as a program manager and supply chain coordinator for a global multibillion-dollar biotech company in Cambridge, UK, her current project is a 6.1M warehouse transfer in the Netherlands.  She also currently mentors several business students at the University of Denver and other various organizations around Cambridge.

In today’s episode we discuss…

  1. What does it take to go from no contacts, no track record, and living in a completely different time zone to closing a deal?
  2. What is Suzy and Michaels capital raising strategy that allowed them to raise millions of dollars on LinkedIn?
  3. Why did Suzy and Michael decide to move forward with our Mastermind, despite it being a huge investment?

Suzy and Michael’s podcast “The Adventures of a Real Estate Investor”: Click Here

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