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E312 - How to Use Your Intuition to Conduct Accurate Due Diligence - Asym Capital

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E312 – How to Use Your Intuition to Conduct Accurate Due Diligence

Have you ever felt that you should or shouldn’t invest in a deal, entirely based on a gut feeling? 

Turns out there might be something far more practically applicable than what most people think. 

In this episode, we are joined by Adapia dErrico, who is a partner at Alpha Investing, as well as a recent author of Productive Intuition: Connecting to the Subtle. 

If you are in the middle of due diligence, or contemplating investing in a deal, stop what you are doing and listen to this! 

In this episode we are going to discuss…

  • Where that gut-feel perspective comes from, and what it might mean in the world of investing.
  • How Adapia recovered from a significantly dark place to later become an all-star real estate entrepreneur, and how you can use those same tools to overcome obstacles in your life. 
  • How our guest was defrauded in the investment space (of six figures!) and what she learned from that very expensive lesson. 

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