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E318 - Will Employees Return to the Office & How Will It Impact the Top Asset Classes? - Asym Capital

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E318 – Will Employees Return to the Office & How Will It Impact the Top Asset Classes?

Will employees be willing to return to work in an office, and, if so, what does that mean for the top 5 asset classes in real estate?

In this interview, we are joined by Andrew Rybchzynski a managing Consultant at CoStar Advisory Services, where he makes recommendations on investment in commercial real estate. Andrew frequently speaks and writes on the Multifamily property type and has been published in the Journal of Portfolio Management. His work is often referenced in national media outlets such as WMRE, The Washington Post, and the New York Times. He has a background in data and spatial analytics and uses these tools to provide data-driven research for both clients and the wider market.

CoStar is the leading provider of commercial real estate data analytics in the United States.  

Regardless of what asset class you are most focused on, this episode will provide a holistic view of the space, so you can be better positioned to make investment decisions. 

Also, when else do you get an opportunity to get consolidated information based on data only available for a $5,000/month subscription service?

In this episode, we are going to discuss…
  • With a higher percentage of work being done from home, will more people be interested in moving to the suburbs?
  • What asset market might suffer from overdevelopment of multi-family?  
  • Why CoStar remains confident that interest rates will likely decline in the next 12-24 months.

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